At Aqilliz, we’re defined by our passion for bringing research to solve real world problems. From blockchain engineers to seasoned advertising and marketing veterans, our team is looking to address some of the recurring problems marketing is facing under the siege of technology. As a forward-thinking startup, we are committed to working on transformative solutions with the potential to change the face of the marketing ecosystem for the better.
We want you to make your mark and we believe that it starts on day one
A small team allows for unprecedented opportunities for hands-on learning and development. There are no hierarchies. We are committed to providing you with the necessary ingredients and opportunities to grow with the team as we evolve as an early-stage startup.
No challenge is far too difficult, and no role is too big or small to fill – we know that talent and skill is not defined by position or age. As a growing team, we ensure that everyone’s voice is heard and valued.
Aqilliz was founded with the intention of solving some of the existing challenges in the marketing ecosystem today. We take pride in the fact that the work we do is designed to drive the transformation of the marketing ecosystem for the better.
You will have the opportunity to work with team members coming from different backgrounds, academic disciplines, and professional careers – be assured that you’ll learn something new everyday!
flexibility and agility
No dress codes, no rigid rules, no red tapes. As we work to transform the digital media ecosystem, our goal is to re-write the rules, not be bound by them.
It’s no secret. We love what we do and we’re passionate about it.
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