Blockchain for Marketing
To create a meaningful value exchange between brands, platforms & consumers in the rapidly growing digital platform economy, with blockchain solutions that transform processes, secure privacy of data, remove fraud and engineer valued outcomes.
Who are we helping?

Brands want to meaningfully engage with both existing and prospective customers. As they work with platforms, brands want to ensure and verify that their marketing initiatives have reached their intended audiences at a cost that is commensurate.

Consumers want to access relevant, customised content as inexpensively as possible and never at the expense of their own personal privacy. Amid the age of personalisation, consumers should not be exposed to intrusive, irrelevant marketing messages.

Platforms want a fair exchange of value for facilitating interactions between consumers and brands. With the ongoing creation and sharing of content, this value should be exchanged almost instantaneously, in order to foster high-quality, tailored content.
What problems are we solving?

Source attestation, transaction verification and dispute resolution are woefully long winding and time consuming. There is a need for consistent automation across the ecosystem that is commensurate with growth in impression volume.

Classic challenge between subscription and subsidy: what is the price that you are willing to pay to remain ad free? Or do you want it? What do you do with the various loyalty cards that are carrying with you?

Among massive duplication of identities including fraud and fake without consent. There is a need for authenticating, verifying and securing the identities of all the transacting parties.
Our Story
Aqilliz is created in partnership with Zilliqa, who provides the high throughput blockchain infrastructure. This partnership provides Aqilliz the much needed scale and security in providing industry-specific solutions. Zilliqa's original academic research will also provide the theoretical backbone for all the applications that are being developed by Aqilliz.
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