Aqilliz And White Ops Partner To Raise The Bar For Campaign Transparency And Ad Fraud Prevention

By Aqilliz  


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Aq x whiteops

Years on since its inception, the programmatic ecosystem has evolved significantly yet challenges remain, impacting brands, advertisers, and publishers alike. Be it the never-ending battle against ad fraud or the perils of an opaque campaign supply chain, the losses in efficiency, spend, and productivity continue to climb. Blockchain has certainly shown its potential in addressing these areas, offering a smarter model of automation and increased viewability.

However, we believe that the advertising and marketing ecosystem can only move forward if we work together.

To that end, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with White Ops, a global cybersecurity firm, to bring greater campaign transparency and fraud prevention capabilities to the digital marketing industry. With over 200 global clients including some of the world’s largest internet platforms, White Ops specialises in bot mitigation as well as bot and fraud prevention, verifying over 5 trillion online interactions in a given week.

Our co-marketing agreement will see our base of enterprise clients benefiting from access to White Ops’ Advertising Integrity product, enabling them to access pre-bid fraud prevention and post-bid analysis for desktop, mobile, and connected TV. This will be supplemented with White Ops’ Marketing Integrity product to protect marketers’ budgets, campaigns, data management platforms, sales leads, and retargeting from malicious, sophisticated bots. In turn, White Ops will also be offering our suite of blockchain-powered marketing technology products spanning identity management, programmatic campaign optimisation, and loyalty and rewards management, to their global clientele.

We are thrilled to be working with White Ops to better boost campaign transparency and set improved fraud prevention standards across our respective partner ecosystems.

Learn more about our partnership with White Ops in the joint press release issued yesterday.

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