Aqilliz Partners With Consumer Data And Privacy Management Platform LayerFive

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The tightening of consumer data protection regulations has resulted in the gradual depreciation of third-party cookies. As the digital commercial landscape continues to mature, companies are not only battling against cybersecurity risks but also facing difficulties in complying with heightened privacy laws. These challenges have thus called for the remodelling of the digital space to cater to an increasingly privacy-centric world without compromising on the brand-consumer relationship. At Aqilliz, our goal is to enable the ethical use of consumer data for activation and we believe that this is a common goal that we all have to collectively work towards as an industry.

With that, we are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with LayerFive, a leading unified consumer data and privacy management Software as a Service (Saas) platform. Based in California, LayerFive has radically improved the management of consumer data through its innovative artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Combining the expertise of LayerFive and Aqilliz’s ethical usage of consumer data, this strategic partnership will allow our respective global clientele to better source, secure and activate marketing insights and consumer data while attaining greater standards of privacy compliance.

Through the collaboration, Aqilliz will be able to access LayerFive’s proprietary Unified Consumer Data Platform, 360° Marketing Insights with Omni Channel Attribution, and Interactive Privacy Portal, effectively bolstering our privacy-compliant marketing technology tools. This partnership with LayerFive also serves to solidify our market presence in the United States, enabling us to tap into valuable opportunities with prospective domestic clients. In return, LayerFive’s client will also be able to benefit from our holistic suite of blockchain-based MarTech tools, spanning across identity resolution, programmatic campaign optimisation, and dynamic rewards settlement.

Learn more about our partnership with LayerFive in the joint press release issued earlier today.

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