On The CMO Agenda — True Impact: Unlocking Accurate Measurement In Omnichannel

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On the cmo agenda

When it comes to choosing the brands they engage with and how they go about doing it, today’s consumers have a lot of options. Given the overwhelming amount of marketing messages they receive every day, creating a strong brand experience grounded in personalised content that addresses their specific needs will be helpful in winning their attention across the range of platforms and devices they interact with.

With this in mind, marketers will need to attribute the impact of each brand-consumer interaction, as well as its influence on additional touchpoints across the marketing mix. Collecting such data will allow marketers to better understand what works (and what doesn’t), in order to ensure they are providing consumers with the relevant, targeted experiences they’ve come to expect.

Incorporating attribution into an omnichannel strategy

Given that consumers engage with media across online and offline channels, marketers have subsequently turned to omnichannel strategies to better meet their demands and engage them across media. Even digital campaigns today are integrated, and have to take into account multiple platforms and touchpoints. To effectively optimise their omnichannel marketing efforts, marketers need to collect consumer data from across the marketing mix — online and offline. From there, they can generate data-driven insights into where, when, and how consumers are engaging with campaigns. Additionally, marketers need the ability to measure the impact of various channels across the entire marketing mix.

In order to measure the true impact of their marketing, marketers need solutions that leverage marketing attribution to generate a holistic, 360º view of their marketing mix effectiveness, combining a variety of unique measurements and external data. From in-store and online point-of-sale information to aggregate behavioural data, this knowledge enables marketers to analyse sales trends, manage inventory, and understand the impact of their campaigns. When used together, these comprehensive, actionable insights can make a significant difference in achieving cross-channel campaign success.

Bring your data together

In a complex multi-platform landscape, marketers will need to learn how to strategically leverage different types of data points, technology partners, and solutions in order to identify and select the ones best suited to fulfilling the actual needs and objectives of the campaign. To understand broader omnichannel performance at consumer-level granularity, marketers need access to a single source of truth across all key platforms and touchpoints.

A unified data layer provides a foundation for your omnichannel marketing and advertising ecosystem. It brings together data from digital and offline channels, along with prospects and customers into a single, foundational and privacy-conscious data repository. Through the use of identity resolution capabilities, the unified data layer provides a complete view of the customer that enables marketers to perform closed-loop measurements. Since ethical data use is a critical requirement in today’s landscape, a unified data layer supports marketing measurement objectives while respecting consumer privacy.

In order to do so, marketers should look for solutions providers with the capability to merge disparate measurements together into a 360º view of marketing performance. Additionally, this should be done in real-time, down to the person-level across online and offline engagements. Merging disparate marketing measurements together while the campaign is in-flight allows for a holistic view into its effectiveness and allows marketers to make adjustments where needed to ensure they make the most of their ad dollars.

In stitching together siloed, channel-based data and attaching it to individual customer profiles, marketers can take a customer-first approach to data management. With a more holistic understanding of what customers want, need, and expect, marketers can better tailor the omnichannel experience to maximise conversions across the board.

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