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By Aqilliz
Published on April 2, 2020
It’s no secret that privacy is currently top-of-mind for consumers, companies, and the wider advertising community around the world. With regulatory developments underway and critical changes to today’s internet infrastructure, it’s imperative that we play a role in leading and shaping industry conversations as we look to develop solutions that will forever change how we address the issues of privacy and personalisation in tandem.
Enter Project Rearc
To rise to the challenge, the leading non-profit research and development consortium IAB Tech Lab has assembled Project Rearc, a global call-to-action for stakeholders that play a role in the digital supply chain in order to re-fashion digital marketing for the future. Named Rearc from “re-architect”, Project Rearc aims to lay the foundations and set new industry standards for privacy compliant solutions in ad targeting, measurement, and optimisation, as a means of increasing consumer transparency and industry accountability.
Joining the Rearc Task Force
As we look towards building a new model of digital advertising driven by privacy-by-design, we’re pleased to share that Aqilliz is now one of the newest members of the Rearc Task Force! The Rearc Task Force comprises global working groups that involve publisher, buyer, and platform communities, specialised trade groups, consumer advocacy and NGOs, and other international bodies. We are thrilled to be joining some of our leading industry peers as we look to address the pressing need to better balance privacy and personalisation. To learn more about the principles outlined by IAB Tech Lab thus far, read on here.
With Project Rearc’s emphasis on auditability, explicit consent, and high-grade encryption, this falls in line with our mission of transforming processes and securing the privacy of data in the marketing ecosystem. As a member, our hope is to pioneer a vision of the future that acknowledges the inherent decentralised nature of the internet and what that means for the industry at large.
By putting a spotlight on promising emerging technologies, we aim to emphasise the role that these advancements will play in enabling privacy compliant solutions fit for a long-term future. By joining the Rearc Task Force, we look forward to contributing to meaningful industry conversations that have the potential to change the industry for the better. Keep your eyes peeled, there’s certainly more to come!