The India Project

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The India Project

The India Project is a decentralised audience marketplace where brands and publishers can share their respective customer details, find the match, target, re-target and conduct advertising campaigns. Built on the global principles enumerated by World Federation of Advertisers, The India Project provides a privacy compliant and scaled up advertising platform, where quality and brand safe inventory is made available for activation with full life cycle and continuous measurement..

The India Project will enable large scale democratisation of the digital advertising supply chain by providing a level playing field for both large- and small-scale advertisers and publishers to be able to transact on a trusted marketplace. Technology components includes decentralised clean rooms for all the participants along with the provenance ledger that maintains a record of all processing of activities. Participants will also be able to use industry standard ad serving and measurement technologies so that they can focus on their core business of serving their consumers, instead of investing in non-core advertising related technologies.

The India Project will have participants from both the demand side (advertisers) and the supply side (publishers) along with key industry players who verify, validate and measure advertisement investments. The India Project will act as an evangelist for technology platforms by helping them socialise their solutions on audience discovery, engagement and measurement.

The India Project is:

  1. A facilitator that democratises the application of digital advertising technologies for a marketer to run targeted and scaled up advertising campaigns.
  2. Decentralised in a manner that the value exchange across the digital advertising supply chain is not being controlled by any of the participants.
  3. Open Network as brands and publishers can engage with each other no matter what platforms they currently use internally.
  4. Interoperable to ensure that the value derived from participation is not locked and the choice is given to the participants to operate outside the foundation as well.
  5. Minimalistic in governance with a clearly defined consensus mechanism that defines protocols for safety, security and compliance while participating.
  6. Participant centric as more and more marketers and publishers can join the foundation to derive network benefits.
  7. Evolving to include additional features that the participants can build on top of just serving advertising to include other marketing features.
  8. Innovating through unbundling of the digital advertising supply chain across audience discovery, engagement, and measurement.

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