Empowering Brands

Empowering brands to discover and engage with consumers through the responsible use of consumer data

With privacy at the heart of our technological infrastructure, Aqilliz empowers brands to responsibly discover, identify, and engage consumers. We pride ourselves on the ethical use of consumer data and ensure that our partners engage with their customers according to local data protection requirements without compromising on delivering valuable personalised experiences.

Collaboration with Creators

Collaboration with creators to generate value for brands and audiences

The NFT marketplace that you have wished for

In collaboration with One Mercuri, we have launched WishWorld — an NFT marketplace made for the entertainment and music creators. Designed to revitalise the fan experience, WishWorld enables avid fans to interact directly with their favourite creators, imbuing virtual experiences with real-world value.

Connecting brands to creators and new audiences

With access to an array of content creators, brands can now easily collaborate and co-design merchandise, as well as orchestrate meaningful experiences for better audience engagement. This creates a new opportunity to discover new audiences and deepen affinity with existing consumers.

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Enabling brands and platforms

Enabling brands and platforms to provide unified media measurement

Scalable, privacy-centric cross-media measurement supported by in-built content authentication and automated reconciliation across different media channels. Measured against standardised campaign metrics, our cross-media measurement solution mitigates duplication, prevents re-identification, and provides always-on measurement to ensure continuous data capture and reporting, generating cost-efficiencies across the campaign supply chain.

A unique solution powered by Atom, our patented collaboration technology, designed to:

Remove barriers for federated learning and activation with secure credentials

Ensure secure and compliant activation of clean rooms with provenance

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