Making your campaigns smarter and more efficient
Our solutions are built on Atom, the core architecture of Aqilliz.
Atom is a hybrid blockchain that combines the security and scalability of a private blockchain, with the accountability and decentralisation of a public blockchain.
With Atom, we are able to develop highly-customised, one-stop solutions for the marketing industry across identity resolution, consumer activation, and rewards management.
In-flight Campaign Optimisation
A decentralised, independent campaign management application that provides marketers with real-time visibility of their programmatic campaigns, enabling end-to-end transparency across the impression lifecycle.
The application enables the ingestion of impression-level data from individual participants of a given campaign and allows for in-built content authentication, automated reconciliation, and authorisation of payments, leading to greater cost-efficiencies across the programmatic supply chain.
Ability to optimise campaigns in real time to achieve targets in a more efficient manner.
Trusted, compliant storage and transmission of campaign performance
End-to-end visibility of authenticated impression lifecycle
Delivery of relevant content based on analytics that reveal customer engagements
Federated Identity Management
A distributed identity management application that aggregates high quality, secure, and privacy compliant first-party data from participating brands, platforms and publishers, allowing marketers to effectively and meaningfully target consumers.
The application’s system of unique consumer and publisher IDs can be used to target profiles through integrations with demand-side platforms, and ensures that identities are natively stored, resolved and activated in accordance with local data privacy regulations.
Ability to deliver personalised, targeted marketing by leveraging high fidelity first-party data in a compliant manner.
Trusted, compliant storage and transmission of consumer data
End-to-end visibility of authenticated consumer data lifecycle
Delivery of relevant content with reduced wastage
Dynamic Rewards Settlement
A neutral and decentralised rewards and loyalty management application that enables the convenient redemption and exchange of loyalty points throughout their lifecycle from the moment of issuance to its transmission, redemption, settlement, and monitoring.
With this application, loyalty programme owners, consumers, and participating merchants benefit from a more transparent, efficient model of exchange, ensuring that loyalty points and rewards don’t go to waste.
Ability to manage and optimise loyalty programmes and increase customer engagement.
Trusted, compliant storage and transmission of loyalty points
End-to-end visibility of authenticated loyalty points lifecycle
Delivery of relevant rewards based on unique customer preferences and behaviours